kristin winchester

I'm Kristin, your new boundaries coach! Let me help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to finally prioritize yourself so that you can gain more ease in your life and career, and have the freedom to do more of what brings you joy. 



Here’s the secret sis:
better boundaries.

I get it, you're ambitious, highly driven, and accomplished. Because of this, you hold yourself to a high standard and this leaves little room for you to carve out the time for self-care. 

You often find yourself : 

❌ working around the clock outside of your scheduled work day
❌ worrying about whether you're doing "enough"
❌ saying yes to doing things that you don't really want to do 
❌ available to your loved ones at all times of the day
❌ being tied to your phone and not able to be fully present
❌ putting yourself on the backburner

Because of this, lately you’ve had little time to do the things that bring you, traveling, getting your nails slayed, brunching with the girls, going to Trader Joe’s, journaling, Netflixin’ + chillin...

You want to have a thriving life and career without having to be self-sacrificing...You’re desperately desiring to be able to spend MORE time for yourself,  but don’t know where the heck to start.

I know what being on the verge of burnout feels like.

You falling in love with your most true, authentic self and being 100% unapologetic about it 

You being able to reclaim your time and have the freedom and capacity for more of what you find joy in - spending time with loved ones, traveling, brunching, chilling listening to 90s R&B, and whatever else you wanna do

You feeling more at peace and less overwhelmed

You feeling confident about your decisions, both personally and professionally

You being able to say no when necessary (and YES) and communicate what you need confidently with loved ones, coworkers, WHOEVER okkkk

You prioritizing your needs and self-care, ultimately GLOWING UP in every area of your life

just imagine for a sec...

Let me’re currently feeling all the feels...overworked, overtired, and overwhelmed.

Through my signature framework The Better boundaries method, I show you the exact step-by-step to better boundaries so that you can live more fully, freely and prioritize yourself once and for all.

Uncover the fears and beliefs that have been impacting your ability to set and maintain boundaries in your life and in the workplace. Challenge, reframe, and RELEASE those beliefs so that you can start moving into a more confident headspace and into your POWER. 

Identify your dream vision and your core values for your life so that you can determine what boundaries need to be established in this current season. Fall in love with yourself all over again!

Audit your current habits and lifestyle to determine what is and isn't aligned with your new vision, values, and boundaries, and then create a strategic plan to do the work in order to see the changes that you desire. 




I love to help overwhelmed, high-achieving women of color just like you gain more ease, joy, and freedom in their lives and professional careers through healthy boundaries. A MAJOR part of this is helping them release fears that have been holding them back and rediscovering and falling in love with their most authentic selves. 

I'M kristin - licensed therapistcoach.
speaker. CEO.

hi nice to meet you,

Better Boundaries Bootcamp is my signature high touch 1:1 coaching program where I help overwhelmed women RELEASE their fears, REDISCOVER their true, most authentic selves and REALIGN their lifestyles so they can finally prioritize themselves and have the ease, joy, and freedom they desire in their lives and careers in just 60 days

ready to reclaim your time and have the freedom and capacity for more of what you find joy in?

let's work!

"I have learned to carve out more personal time for myself (and stick to it), I have learned to honor my feelings, I have truly learned to take charge. I have also learned to reduce my irrational fears of backlash from others. I highly recommend Kristin to anyone who struggles in this area and especially for those who don't really know how to say 'No' even when they want to. Establishing and enforcing my personal boundaries has truly transformed my life for the better!"

"I have learned to honor my feelings, I have truly learned to take charge."

"By practicing and implementing boundaries in both easier and more difficult scenarios with Kristin’s guidance and support, I have learned that setting boundaries is necessary for my own well-being, as well as for the well-being of those around me. I also now realize that it it one of the most vital forms of self care. If you’re nervous or intimidated about getting started, I’d say just do it and be open to the process. You owe it to yourself!"

"I have learned that setting boundaries is necessary for my own well-being."

"What I learned was the importance of making time to care for myself. I realized I was carrying a lot of deadweight on my shoulders and it was time to release the emotional baggage that had been holding me back over the last several years. Kristin was the perfect person for the job! I love how real and caring she is and her ability to challenge my negative thoughts that often creep up during our time together. I always leave each session with new insights and strategies to work on throughout the week."

"I was stressed out and burnED out from putting everyone else’s needs above my own."

3 Steps to More Ease, Joy, and Freedom in Your Life + Business

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