kristin winchester

It's my job to help my clients get to a place where they are putting themselves first, no longer bending to other people’s needs and desires before theirs, excited about their life, less stressed, and confident and secure about the women God has called them to be regardless of what they have achieved. ⁣This is where I operate in my zone of genius. I truly love it here and can't wait to serve YOU!

I'VE gotten life changing results for all of my clients, AND NOW IT'S MY TURN TO HELP YOU DO THE SAME.

Now I know the importance of making sure I’m well and of taking breaks to rest and enjoy life outside of what I do. I know how to identify my needs and boundaries and communicate them with ease. Now I know that what I do doesn’t define who I am. I know that my worth isn’t tied to my achievements. And that’s on PERIOD.

Now I work with my clients to challenge the same narratives I struggled with, that have them thinking that they're lazy, unproductive, selfish, and bad people for setting boundaries, leaning into rest, and caring for themselves in all ways.

I thought that I had to be in sicko grind mode 24/7. I thought that I didn’t deserve to rest. or to do anything else that brought me joy. 

I clearly had it all wrong.

When I started my last business back in 2016, I prided myself on being a "hard worker" and what that meant for me was working my 9-5 and then working on my business for an additional 8-10 hours each night. 3am, 4am, 5am nights (well mornings) were the NORM. I thought that in order for me to be “successful” as a service-based entrepreneur, that I had to be extremely self-sacrificing and sleep-deprived. I would even skip meals in order to keep working.

I KNOW WHAT YOU NEED to see ultimate success. IN FACT, I KNOW BECAUSE I WAS in exactly YOUR SHOES 5 YEARS AGO.

I'm a serial entrepreneur who’s used my academic background and corporate experience to launch companies and programs for millennial women of color.

As a personal finance coach for one of my former businesses, Debt Free Black Girl, I realized that money wasn’t the true issue in my clients’ lives. It was the anxiety, toxic relationships, trauma, fear and doubt, avoidance—their MINDSETS—that held them back from thriving in their finances and other areas of life. So in late 2018, I pivoted my business to address more of those topics.

And in June 2019, all of my experiences led me to launch Her Therapy Space, which currently offers individual therapy services and an online community where millennial women of color receive tools, resources and the accountability needed to do the work beyond the (therapy) couch.

licensed therapist, boundaries coach, speaker, and founder of Her Therapy Space. 

❌ overbooking your schedule and stretching yourself thin

❌not caring for your body/wellbeing properly

❌ weakening your self-identity

❌ working with misaligned clients or projects

❌feeling responsible for the happiness of others/people pleasing

❌ not having the time to do the things that you find joy in

❌ going places you don’t want to go

❌ losing your voice, not feeling heard or seen

Without healthy boundaries you risk:

Freedom to take a vacay just because. Freedom to say no to clients who aren't a good fit. Freedom to sit in the house and do nothing. Freedom to make decisions based on what you want and not what you think you should be doing. Freedom to ultimately live the life that you desire and deserve. 

As a service based entrepreneur, one of your greatest assets is TIME. It’s easy to get caught up if you don’t have healthy, clear boundaries in place.

you didn't go into business just to become a slave to it, you went into business to have more freedom.

ready to finally put you first and experience the freedom that you desire? 

is required of my leadership, both internal and external


are vital for doing the important
work of uncovering who you are outside of the workplace


starts with creating and upholding my
boundaries and those of others



my core values

are intertwined and within mine and yours reach


doing the work is the only way to
create change


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